DoPE (Director of Photography/Editor) is all about my journey as a photographer in filmmaking.  While I use my photo work to tell stories and accentuate brand messages,  film is a wonderful way to extend that story line and an essential medium to give your story visibility.  Join me on my way to being DoPE.

#ThisYearIWill Campaign

#ThisYearIWill is an inspiring series of images and short films about setting out to accomplish one's yearly goals.

Make More Cake

Ifayola is the cutest cake boss yet.  What's in her way? Nothing... not even last year's regrets or self doubts.  A new kinda cake boss has emerged... and all that sugar and spice is a force to be reckoned with.  

Outrun Myself

Olatunji has his work cut out for him, but he's more than up for the task.  This year, his biggest challenge was getting out of his own way.  Once realized, not even he can stop himself.  The finish line awaits.

Write More Stories

Folasade has stories to tell.  But for any great author writer's block can creep in on that creative flow .  This year, she will dig for inspiration to write the greatest stories ever to be told.