Your HERO Shot has no limits.  Perhaps you want to capture and celebrate your most recent fitness achievement you fought for at the gym...  or you want to show the world just how epic and awesome your kid is at volleyball... or maybe her entire team.  What about that monument, wall mural or street corner where you were inspired to achieve your next big thing and you'd like to capture the essence of you being in that space when it happened?  Or maybe, there is a local hero in town that you think deserves recognition. It could be that your team at work just had their best financial quarter ever and you want to show them some love. Your HERO shot can be anything and anywhere you want.  See some examples of HERO Shots below.


Heroes of Diversity: Disintegra

Heroes of Diversity: Einstein

Heroes of Diversity: Red

Heroes of Diversity: CJPX

Gymnast HERO

Ice Cold HERO

HERO Tough

Baseball HERO

Soccer HERO


The North Plainfield Junior Canucks Varisty and Junior Varisty football teams had an amazing 2014 season... a noteworthy undefeated championship for varisty and an almost 100% shutout for the JV squad.  Heroes, hard at work. See more in the HERO Shots gallery.